08 September 2012 @ 12:45 am
I love one of my professors at McGill dearly and adore her so hearts

One of my East Asian professors and I were discussing about how I did subtitling for another East Asian professor of mine and she thought that it was so cool that I could do fansubbing. When I told her that I fansubbed Arashi variety shows, she answered with "Arashi? I know them! Even in my old age, I know of them! You fansub one of their variety shows? Awesome!"

I think I mentioned that I still loved doing it despite it being illegal to do so and she replied "legal smegal". She mentioned it was a really good way to build up my Japanese vocabulary and mentioned that I should go to Japan if I ever get the chance.

To which I informed her that I really wanted to go there but my grades where nowhere high enough to be allowed to go as an exchange student and now I would no longer be eligible since this is my last year at the university.

She enthusiastically said there were many opportunities that I could go to Japan and it didn't have to be solely based on grades. She explained that she would do everything in her power to get me to go to Japan if I truly wished to go there !!

My jaw dropped and for the first time ever, I felt completely happy and euphoric at the prospect of being able to go to Japan. We'll be discussing details and to what kind of programs I could join, but the dream of going to Japan is so much closer with the aide of this magnificient professor of mine arrowup
Current Music: ♫ 西野カナ- Be Strong
Current Mood: hopeful
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