16 September 2012 @ 10:45 pm
I am so very happy that I decided to attend the Montréal Comiccon this year~! sparkles

I was very hesitant in going at first because my friends weren't going and I didn't want to go by myself. I was also reluctant in going because I was afraid I would be a loner. But that got blown out of the water as most of the volunteer members were people whom I made friends with during Otakuthon and the guests were so sociable with me !!

I got to interact and talk a lot with the guests and got many of their autographs!! Sadly, I wasn't able to get Patrick Stewart's autograph as he needed to quickly depart, but I'm more than happy with the spoils of my convention arrowup

I also got to get hugs from many of the guest actors that attended the convention and I'm proud of myself that I was able to maintain most of my inner fangirl squeals of delight NG

Out of all the guests that I was helping manage, my favorites were both Kevin Sorbo and Nicholas Brendan hearts




I also got one for my dad from Kevin Sorbo from Andromeda and another one for my younger brother, Daniel, who wanted Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13:

Current Music: *listening to my inner fangirling squeals*
Current Mood: accomplished
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