20 May 2012 @ 11:50 pm
I went to the Botanical Gardens with Jessica, Tessa, and Luke today despite it being a blistering heat of 33C with the humidity to attend the Japanese Pavilion picnic that they were having today for the blossom viewing cherryblossom

Sadly, there weren't any more blossoms because for the past few days, it's been really windy, so it's most likely that the wind blew them all away heartbreak

We got the bento that was part of the festival and I liked what we had heart1

Since it was a picnic, we decided to all bring some plushies with us (the two Oshawotts are mine) sparkles

There were a lot of spring flowers in bloom and luckily these were not affected by the strong gusts of winds we had, so I was able to take some photos. However, Oshawott is basically trolling in all of them exclamation1

I love my Oshawott~ )

These ones are among the few photos that I took without having Oshawott in them because I found them really pretty and it was near impossible to put Oshawott among the plants ^_^;;


My favorite shot that I did of Oshawott definitely would be this one hearts

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16 May 2012 @ 11:45 pm
Dad and I went to go see the premier for the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting" today at the Starcité Montréal cinema theater because I had won a pair of tickets loveletter

The cinema was located next to the Olympic Stadium, so we took a few pictures, I love the clouds hearts

It was an interesting humor filled movie, but I did find it lack substance and found there were quite a lot of plot holes. It was awesome to watch because the theater was packed full, so we were all laughing (since laughter is contagious), but it wouldn't be a movie that I would pay to see ^_^;;

After the movie, dad saw a cardboard poster thing for "Dark Shadows" and excitedly wanted to have his picture taken hearts

DAD AND I SAW A LUKE AS WE WERE LEAVING THE METRO STATION! I saw a person with a bowler had who was carrying a musical instrument case in front of me and went: It's a Luke~!!
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14 May 2012 @ 06:35 pm
I had both of these pokemon plushies commissioned by [ profile] first_mate_kate from [ profile] pkmncollectors back in the month of February and got them today sparkles

Here's another adorable picture of Linoone hearts

And here's one of Oshawott hearts

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12 May 2012 @ 10:38 pm
I was ecstatic to receive an e-mail from Pottermore saying that it was available to everyone now~!!

My username is: ScarletStone30118 [please leave me a comment if you plan to add me!!]

My wand is beech with dragon core, twelve and a half inches, reasonably supple sparkles

The Sorting Hat placed me in the house of Slytherin and I burst out laughing~arrowup

I swear I wasn't even trying to get into that particular house and answered the questions honestly, so I burst out laughing when I landed in this house since my close friend said I would be in the house of Slytherin. Looks like she was right :3
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05 May 2012 @ 07:50 pm
Face Down is definitely my favorite performance I've ever seen on Music Station up to date, we shall see if it'll be my favorite on Heyx3 come Monday (Truth is still my favorite Heyx3 performance) hearts

I loved how they performed the song in it's entirety and definitely spazzed over their choreograph this time around sparkles

However, their PV this time was such a let down for me. All they did was sit in the chair to act all high and mighty by trying to convey their hotness, but then it gets destroyed when they acted all dorky and photo bombed the video NG





As such, I'll pretend that their live performance is the actual PV and loop that on repeat forever, I'm hoping that their performance on Heyx3 is just as awesome as Music Station, if not better arrowup
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05 May 2012 @ 03:45 pm
The first Saturday in the month of May is considered as "Free Comic Book Day"~!!

It's an event where you get to go to your comic book store and pick up some free comics! Not only that, but many of the things inside the store is on sale at a discounted price moneybag

I was amused that there were cosplayers at the event as well, they provided endless entertainment for the people who were waiting in line to get their comics. Thankfully, it wasn't a very hot day and it was quite breezy~sparkles


There was an incident where someone accidentally dropped their bags of French fries and then chaos ensued. Seagulls were circling around the food and some brave cosplayers tried to take them down... Unfortunately, there was no ammo in it... NG


Dad was so cute and adorable when he wanted me to take a picture of him with the Stormtroopers from Star Wars hearts

My free comics that I got, there were some others that I had really wanted to get, but they were either out of stock and we were only limited to four comics each exclamation1

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02 May 2012 @ 04:15 pm
The Black ducks have left our makeshift pond that we had in our backyard for three weeks now because the water has evaporated from the seasonally high temperatures we had sparkles

However, last week we had heavy rainfall which created another pond! Instead of our usual Black ducks, we got Mallard ducks hearts




Here's a random photo of a Robin that I was able to take a picture of when I was outside photographing the ducks 

I love the diversity of the birds we have in our backyard. One of these days, I'll be able to take a photo of that elusive Cardinal pair that we have flying around in our yard. I see them both everyday, but they fly too quickly to be caught on camera ^_^;;
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27 April 2012 @ 11:45 pm
April is finally coming to a close and with it, my bus pass for the month will be expiring as well. Since the semester for university (at least for McGill University) I decided to abuse and go out as much as I possibly could with the little days left in the month. What better way to spend going to Downtown and Chinatown but to eat?

I went to two Korean restaurants with my friend within these past two weeks. I adore her, she's a friend that I met in one of my classes and I was thrilled to find out she was a Korean drama fan! We decided to meet up and go to a Korean restaurant to do BBQ like what they do in the dramas hearts

First Restaurant: Chez Bong )

Second Restaurant: Seoul Chako )

My younger brother didn't have school today, so we went Downtown to try some food at a really popular Japanese restaurant that people would line up and wait outside in the cold to eat at. Intrigued, we went to the restaurant called "Kazu" cherryblossom

Awesome Japanese Restaurant named Kazu )

Sadly, the last day of April will be on Monday and I'm hoping to go out again before being confined to the house and typing out that twelve page paper that I must force myself to finish before the second week in May lightbulb
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22 April 2012 @ 02:03 am
I've finally got around to creating a list of Arashi stuff I own to avoid purchasing doubles ^_^;;

Calendars )

Albums )

Singles (Japanese Version) )

Concert Goods )

Miscellaneous )
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09 April 2012 @ 09:55 pm
I took a break from studying and went to see "The Hunger Games" movie with both Eric and Tessa today as it is Easter Monday in Canada and schools are closed~!

Tessa even got me a present of a Tigger wearing a Easter Bunny suit !!

I absolutely love and adore Tigger because of his very happy and excitable demeanure hearts

After watching the movie, we spent the rest of the time wandering about Downtown where the two of them ended up spending more money than I did on toys and accessories. The only thing I ended up purchasing (aside from food) was this Link figure from "The Phantom Hourglass" sparkles

On another note, I ended up throwing out my back again from all the excessive studying and sleeping in front of the computer across the keyboard... So they ended up laughing at me for being an old lady who was hobbling to and fro with them ^_^;;
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01 April 2012 @ 08:00 am
I finally got around to watching the VS Arashi SP that aired on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 hearts

I definitely love the Macho-kun that they used for the spring special cherryblossom

I also loved the outfit Jun wore of the checkered shirt sparkles

What I loved most of all were the outfits that all the members wore for the Bet de Arashi heart

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the last bit of Itou-san knocking down Nino's block tower. I don't know if I understood it properly, but after 4 years, Itou-san is leaving !?

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26 March 2012 @ 07:26 pm
Please be aware that it's most likely that I will be spamming your F-list with the pictures of ducks until they leave by late April to early May.

It won't be a daily post since I'll be heading into the month of doom, but it's likely I will post more frequently than I usually would ^_^;;

I feel I should name these pair of ducks since they've been visiting every year for the past few years. The male can be identified by the blue patch on his wing, the female does not have this sparkles

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24 March 2012 @ 06:30 pm
My darling little Black ducks arrived early hearts

It was only yesterday that I was pining for them to fly over to be in the backyard... Then QUACK! They're both here !!

That duck saw me approaching them, so it raised its head as it saw me going closer exclamation1

Apparently, I wasn't much of a threat when they realized I was the yearly crazy photographer chick and then ignored me ^_^;;

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23 March 2012 @ 02:30 am
It's gotten to that point in the semester where I'm both physically and mentally tired thinking "Damn all this to hell!" NG

Next month will be the month of hell since it's the end of the semester and EVERYTHING is freaking due around the same time period !!

This is more of a ranting entry, so please ignore this... )

After this hellish doom and torture that I'll be going through, I'll be free from this sadist relationship I have with McGill University (until the fall) and do other things, such as:

. Finish fansubbing the joint Arashi videos that [ profile] arashinorakuen has with [ profile] ao_no_michi
. Clean my room. Remember THIS? Yeah, it's about 100X worse now.
. Pack for the week I'll be down in Texas with [ profile] kaitousessha
. Catch up on all the dramas/tv series and mangas/manhwas 
. Read the novels that people gave me to read
. Subtitle additional videos for Victor
. Burn/transfer files on PC and HDD

Why aren't my ducks here yet?! I want to hear them quacking in our backyard!! Judging from the entries that I did from last year (01 02 03), they should be coming soon... Within the next week or so...
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21 March 2012 @ 07:15 pm
In regards to the title of this entry to the photo that I've uploaded here in this journal entry, yes pencil

It really is worth a thousand words. For starters, the use of Franglais (a combination of French and English). The allusion that it uses to make it look similar to the propaganda/advertising that our public transport (STM) uses are just some of the messages this photo conveys to the public exclamation1

Right now, university students across the province are against the proposed tuition hikes where the tuition fees in Quebec will increase by $325 more every year for the next five years, starting in the Fall semester of 2012 going until 2016-2017. The total tuition bill, including mandatory institutional fees, will go from $2,890 to $4,700 per year !!

Therefore with the increase in tuition fees, students will either need to work more or dig themselves deeper into debt. This translates to an additional 162 hours of work per year on average in order to pay off of this increase. Which will result in making university less accessible and out of reach downarrow

Several universities have 

For additional information regarding this, if you wish to know more:
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17 March 2012 @ 12:45 am
It's that time again! It's Mannequin Five Spring SP~!!

All their outfits this time around have flaws in them for me, which is centered around the bottom half of the outfits ^_^;;

I like one because of it's simplicity and elegance, but I do wish it was a little but more colorful. I also like two, but I disapprove of  the rolled up pants and the shoes. Three would have been passable, if he wasn't wearing that PINK outer jacket. Had it been a red jacket, I would have voted for three, hands down. The fourth one immediately evoked a "WTF?!" reaction out of me the moment I laid eyes on it. Five would have also gotten my vote too, if it wasn't for the rolled up pants and the shoes...

So by a process of elimination, I like the first one since there's really nothing at fault with it aside from the lack of color in his outfit (which the fourth one immediately makes up for) exclamation1

In terms of who's wearing what... I have no idea... I've always got them wrong *fails*
1: Sho   2: Ohno   3: Jun   4: Nino   5: Aiba  [My money's going on 2 to win and 4 to lose] moneybag


EDIT: I ended up voting once more on the website but wrote in simple English sentences:

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14 March 2012 @ 11:40 pm
Tessa, Luke, and I went to the Montréal Botanical Garden to attend the "Butterflies Go Free" exhibit yesterday (Tuesday, March 13th, 2012) as it was the only day that all three of us could meet up exclamation1

Essentially, two of the greenhouses are filled with butterflies and will be released late next month where they will be released outside into the gardens clover

This is the first greenhouse that's part of the butterfly/moth exhibit 4leafclover

Trailing the Moths~ )

There are the random flowers that I found pretty as we walked along the greenhouse flower

What pretty flowers~ )

This is the second greenhouse that contained a much larger variety of colorful butterflies leaf

Following the Fluttering Butterflies~ )

We decided to also visit the gardens and see what it looks like in the wintertime, and we all unanimously agreed that it also had a beauty to it as well, even in the wintertime. It was cloudy that day so it gave off an even more serene air around it sleepy

The Beauty of Winter~ )

Afterwards, the three of us went to the playground located near the Insectarium arrowup


Another random moment of Tessa taking a picture of me taking a picture of her... Weirdos that we are sparkles

When Tessa and I were waiting for Luke to show up to meet up with the both of us, we went to the boutique and bought stuff. I only bought seven butterfly shaped candies, whereas everything else was bought by Tessa. The next few images convey a story that the two of us thought up whilst we waited. Let's just say, the elderly couple watching us were laughing. I shall let your imagination run with the following images:

Warning: Following Images will Make you Laugh~ )

I love how the Olympic Stadium has such a mysterious air around it because of the fog heart1

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07 March 2012 @ 11:00 pm
I went to the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts today as part of a class outing for my "Modern Chinese Art" class. It was awesome because we were able to visit the "think lab" (the lab where the museums restore paintings and is off limits to the public) and we were privileged to see two ink master paintings because my professor works at the museum~ !!

The one on the left is done by Xu Beihong, titled as "Galloping Horse" and the one on the right is by Qi Baishi, with the simple title of "Shrimp". I must say the amount of detail cannot be properly conveyed through a photograph and must be seen in person to fully appreciate the simplicity yet beauty of the artwork the ink masters put into them horse


Unfortunately, I have another class right after the class outing, but I decided to go home because I would have only been able to make the last half hour of the lecture (when it's an hour and a half long class). When I got home, an envelope from "The Montrealer" was next to my computer desk. Apparently both dad and I won two pairs of tickets each to go see a 3D documentary on coral reefs at the Montréal Science Centre wave2

The only downside was that the tickets were ONLY good for TODAY and the both of us only received the tickets TODAY (last minute much?) So we decided to bring the whole family and two of my friends in order to use up all eight tickets and it was so awesome!! You could practically touch the fish on the screen fish

Right in front of the science centre, there's this HUGE dinosaur that's there because there's currently a dinosaur exhibit going on. What amused all of us was that Tessa was the only one who didn't notice the dinosaur until we were leaving ^_^;;
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I must admit, I didn't like 「ワイルドアットハート」 when I first heard the song, but once I saw the PV and the live, it's earned a place on my playlist melody2

I mean, it's so hard to dislike a song when you're watching this from the PV:

It's such an awesomely fun song to watch them dance and interact with each other to the point where you just can't help grinning alongside with them happily sparkles

I flailed and squeed watching this scene just like the rest of the fandom hearts

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01 March 2012 @ 10:15 pm
I had way too much time on my hands and had to idle seven hours away on campus in order to attend an additional screening for my professor...

So I walked around the fifth floor in the McLennan library at McGill University to take some pictures because I was texting Hope and she wanted to see the snow (since she doesn't get snow) sparkles

This is the image you're greeted with upon entering the main entrance of McGill University hearts

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