29 December 2010 @ 01:44 am
I went out with Luke and Tessa on Monday (December 27th, 2010) and we wandered about Downtown for the entire day <3 I really wanted to do one last outing together with my friends to bid 2010 goodbye.

The first place we went to was the to eat a crêpe at Paris Crêpe because that's what I wanted to eat first since the last time I went to downtown I ate at a restaurant and was too bloated afterward...anger

There was a lot of choices to choose from~! Tessa got the strawberry shortcake, Luke got the apple cinnamon with caramel, and I got Bailey's with nuts and Nutella~! I really want to go again and try a different one since there were so many varieties~! arrowup

Twelve Hours of Wandering <3 )
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23 December 2010 @ 02:30 pm
It is still Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 here so there won't be a shop photo scan release since it's not Miracle Boy's birthday here on my side of the world~!

But I feel obligated to post something since it's Thursday (and I love Thursdays) as well as it being the 23rd (I love the number 23) which makes it a really happy day for me~!

I went to the Christmas tree exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum yesterday all by my onesy-self and ended up touring the entire place for five hours straight by visiting all the other galleries that there are X3

The museum is really BIG and this particular photo that I took of the museum was me being on the other side of the museum taken from across the street. I was in the Napolean gallery exhibit when I took this picture crown

There was something like over 40 Christmas trees on display and I took pictures of the ones that I liked christmastree


Christmas decorated trees~! )
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17 October 2010 @ 03:15 am
I went to Boucherville Island (Parc National des Iles de Boucherville) and went for a leisurely stroll around the large national reserve to enjoy more of autumn <3

Autumn colored prettyness~! )
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10 October 2010 @ 02:09 am
My favorite season definitely and will always be autumn~!

I love the colors of the changing leaves, even livejournal's current banner is autumn themed <3

I went to Mount Royal all day to see all the pretty changing colors of the leaves, granted that all the leaves have not yet changed color, but how can you not love autumn when you're greeted with red leaves like this?

Or this scenery?

Autumn in Montral )
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31 August 2010 @ 02:59 pm
I went to the Botanical Gardens with Tessa and Luke two weeks ago (Wednesday, August 18th, 2010)

HAHA... "TWO WEEKS AGO CORRINE?!" Yeah ^^;; Note to self: Try not to procrastinate...

The flowers were really pretty~! There was a free tour that was offered and being the extrovert that I am, I was successful in dragging Luke and Tessa with me on the tour :3 The tour lasted for about two hours, as we were walking, the guide was explaining the founding of the gardens as well as the pretty flowers that were there. I admit, had it not been for the tour, there would have been areas/sections that I would not have had visited... Like the rose garden for example (the colorful blooming rose picture above is also from the rose garden)

Flowers Galore~! *sneezes* )

When it was finally time to leave the Botanical Gardens, Tessa found this weird drawing on the floor X3 And she yelled out "THIS IS WHY I BRING A CAMERA! TO TAKE WEIRD PICTURES!" For those who live in Montreal and have a chance to visit the Botanical Gardens, you'll spot this drawing on the floor near the bus stop on your way when you walk down to go to the metro: Pie IX

My school semester at McGill starts tomorrow TT^TT Hence why my mood is set to "anxious". And my one and only class tomorrow is level two Japanese... But the day after that, I have four classes *sighs*. I have only Japanese on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays... But I have four classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays *dies*
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16 August 2010 @ 08:35 pm
I went to the Japanese Festival that was held in Montreal a few days ago~! (Sat., August 14th, 2010)

私はとても嬉しいですよ~! )

たまや~! かぎや~!

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30 June 2010 @ 12:17 am
Yesterday I went out with my two weird friends and my dad to 1 000 Islands which is a two and a half hour drive from Montreal and it was so pretty!!

The Thousand Islands is located in the Saint Lawrence River in Ontario <3
Thousand Islands and my newly claimed property :3 )
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21 June 2010 @ 11:46 pm

I'm gone from internet for five days and I have 360 pages of LJ entries to sift through... (TT___TT) Oh my gah...

My two friends and I went camping with my dad and my younger brother to Gatineau Park for the past few days, and it was an interesting experience and one that I will not forget for a lifetime at all...

The park is really pretty and green!!

This was in the park and heading into the campground area (that was a three hour drive from Montréal)


Now I am off to read and sift through those 360 journal entries on my friends page (TT____TT)

I'll insert more pictures when I'm not so dead...

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02 June 2010 @ 10:30 pm
Monday (May 31st) was the last full day I had in Toronto, Ontario and I spent the whole day at the Pacific Mall and at the Market Village <33

Pacific Mall is basically a really BIG mall that is apparently North America's largest indoor Asian mall (over 500 stores). However, the only thing that weirds me out about this mall is the bathroom on the second floor:

I don't think it would weird me out as much if there were female guard soldiers or like a horse... But THREE MALE SOLDIERS IN FRONT OF THE BATHROOM?! What happens if they can hear everything?! What happens if they come to life at night time and there's someone in there?! (there are also soldiers stationed at the man's bathroom too...)

Korean Restaurant, Seoul Garden )
And when both her and I went shopping together in the stores... Guess what I found?! THIS!!

It's the Piggy in the animated PV of Believe!! It's a solar powered toy where the pig will rock back on forth on the tree (like it's climbing) when there's enough light!! I didn't get it since I knew I'd only flail over it for a while and then put it in some corner to collect dust... There were other different ones as well. I bought three other ones that were kitty cats <33

Rest of Monday's Stuff )
Tuesday's trip to go to the bus terminal caused a lot of laughter for the others... My luggage wheel literally popped off... Must have been the combined weight of 78 manga volumes stuffed into the poor thing ^^;; And to make matters worse my sandals (both of them) broke and died on me... Thank gawd they all died when I was near the bus terminal and not before then!! I was amazed that none of them died before then!!

Another attempt at me trying to use LJ cut in the Rich text section... That ended in a NOT total failure *bricked*
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31 May 2010 @ 12:10 am

The third and last day of the Anime Convention has come to an end (TT___TT)


What saddens me the most was that I never saw that Syther ever again since Friday!! I knew I should have caught that Syther the minute I saw it!! Maybe that Syther already belonged to another Pokemon trainer or got caught by another Pokemon trainer?! *sniffles*



On the bright side, I did find a Pokedex! I’ve never seen anyone ever cosplay as a Pokedex so I was flailingly happy to have actually found and taken a picture of her as a Pokedex!! <3


What made me even more flailingly happy was my lunch!! Yesterday, the Sushi Dragon (the name of the sushi restaurant that I went to on Friday) wasn’t packed since we went at 11:30AMish. (we tried going yesterday at 6PM, but it was over an hour we would have had to wait for food ^^;;)We went there at 10AM, but they were closed (apparently no one eats/wants/craves for sushi except for us). But it matters not since we were able to get in!!



Isn’t it beautiful?! I wanted to get it on Friday, but this is a special only from between 11:30AM until 3PM, when we went on Friday, it was 4PM. This doesn’t have as much as a grand name like the “Dragon bento” that I had last time. This one’s just called the “Sashimi box”. But it was really pretty and yummiful~!



And yesh, I took a picture of the green tea ice cream dessert this time!! I wasn’t able to last time because I was way too happy in having the green tea ice cream and completely forgot to take a picture of it ^^;; I only realized it when the others and I finished inhaling it down before we realized ^^;;



That’s right!! I found Waldo despite there being an insane amount of cosplayers and people who attended the convention this year!! It’s much harder when you’re in the crowd looking for Waldo, than when you have an aerial view and can see everything :3



Oh yes… This one made me do a double-look back when I walked past first… And you’ll know why… Not only was it an amazing cosplay. Not only was it crazy hot and the cosplayer was probably getting cooked… No, it was much better than that…




Eh?! What’s that in Bowser’s mouth you ask? Well… Maybe it's spinach?



That’s right… Yoshi got eaten alive by Bowser!! O_______________o;;



And that’s picture to take away the thought of Yoshi haven been eaten alive by Bowser! Oops! I mean a picture to show the Wall of Fail. The wall of fail is basically a wall where all the people who have lost their badges are failures because they stupidly lost their badges.  However, I am impressed that not as many people lost their badges this year since they made it something like a necklace. All the preceding years was worst because it was in a pin badge format ^^;;


Everyone in Toronto is so nice!! We had a really nice lady who showed and explained to us how to get to the next bus stop!! I was really happy that throughout our trip in Toronto, many Torontorians have helped us up on journey through life :3


Hopefully more people will help us out on our journey tomorrow and the day after when we go to the Pacific Mall. It’s a really BIG mall with many many many outlets for me to buy stuff <3 However, I will keep spending to a minimum since I’ve already spent an insane amount of money at the convention and that the space in my luggage is practically non- existent




I still utterly fail at using the LJ-cut! (TT___TT) I'm using the Rich text, but it's still not working...

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30 May 2010 @ 01:37 am



My second day of my anime convention, Anime North ended off with me having a HUGE headache at the end of the day… But it was bloody worth it!! We just finished watching “Totally Lame Anime” for three hours straight… As the title explains, we watch really old and cheesy anime that’s nonsensical…  IT FRIES YOUR BRAINS OUT! d(>W<)b


The day started out with finding a Chocobo <3 I love the Chocobo!! It was all adorable and birdy and yellowy!


Second Evil Failed Day at Anime North 2010 )

The day today was spent around in the Dealer’s Gallery where they sell a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t need in life to survive. But will need to survive as an anime fanatic! I must admit, I think doing drugs would be cheaper than my obsession with Anime (and Arashi for that matter).


(This is only not all the mangas that I bought)

(This is all the manga that I bought <3)

Yeah… That’s right… My entire suitcase is filled with manga… ^^;; Do I regret it at the moment? No, but I’ll probably end up having a lot of trouble dragging the suitcase up the stairs and all. But these are mangas that I want! And I get a deal on them at Anime North!! *nods her head*


At one point or another, when Tessa and I were bored and wanted to play with our spoils from our scavenging, we sat down at a lounge thingy… And started playing with erasers. That’s right, those animals that you see (and the panda bear) are erasers (there are erasers inside the panda) <3 The backdrop of the Godzilla was something that was bought, THAT WASN'T ME! I



One of these animals doesn’t belong here! Can you guess which one it is?! They all are!! HAHA <3 You can also disassemble the eraser and plop another head or body on XP



And this was done when we went to our hotel room and I wanted to rest up a bit from all the shopping, running after cosplayers and all that walking I did today <3 Tessa says that the dog is some form of a political leader and all those animals are his body guards... Which is it's first line of defense ^^;;

Uwah! I is extremely sleepy now ^^;; I'll be shuffling off to bed now so that I can rest my weary body <3

I click on the button, write down the "Cut Link Text" but nothing doesn't happen when I use it ^^;;


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29 May 2010 @ 03:02 am

After seven hours of sitting on the bus and another two hours of getting lost to get to the convention (the bus drops us off in the heart of downtown, whereas the convention is on the outskirts of town), we finally made it there!! YAAAY~!

What probably amused me the most was this picture... And I thought us Montrealers were bad...

My First Fun-Filled Day at Anime North ) (I'm trying to insert a LJ cut here, but I think it's failing... ^^;;)

Yup, that's why Montreal's transit system is far superior to Toronto! Though I must admit, they're a lot nicer... It appeared that everyone knew where we were going except us!! It's true!! It got to the point where people would look at us (and our luggage) and would know we were tourists XP We made the bus driver happy to the point where he dropped us off very close to our hotel! It was a stop that wasn't even en route... He did like a stop between stops (which is only offered by public transportation at night time for females) <33 We were so amused that in Toronto they have streets called "Disco Road" XP What do us Montrealers have?! French and poutine... No cool street names...

On our way to lunch, we found a Sailor Moon photo shoot and I was really happy since my very first anime was Sailor Moon!! <33 *sings the theme song off key*

HAHAHA ^^;; I basically slowly caused the death of starvation to my three other friends that I went with because I kept getting way too distracted because of all the cosplayers!! I've taken quite a few pictures already... But fear not! Eventually we went to eat (after I was dragged away).

IT WAS REALLY YUMMY~! I'm completely blanking on the name of the restaurant that we ate at, BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!! I think this order was called the "Dragon Bento" <33 It had sushi, sashimi, tempura, miso soup, rice, beef teriyaki <33 I want to go there for sure again tomorrow!!

However, Tessa is skeptical since she's become afraid/paranoid about trying novelty foods because of one of her former friends stalkers She was boring and only had the udon noodle soup since she deemed that was safe. I was really happy with my purchase <33

Speaking of purchases... *coughs* I spent quite a large sum of money already on the first day of the convention... And it was all mangas... ^^;;
. Meru Puri (4)
. Milennium Snow (2)
. Tail of the Moon (15)
. Time Stranger Kyoko (15)
. Wild One (10)
. Yume Kira Dream Shop (1)
. Yurara (5)
. Some other mangas that I can't remember for the life of me ^^;;

I promise to take a picture of my box of manga when I can! I swear I will!! And all of you will go: O____o;;

My goal this year is to catch ALL the Pokemon that I can find at the convention!! I will become the greatest pokemon trainer of all time!! I saw a Syther, but it ran away from me (TT___TT) And I was so close to catching it too!! Mark my words, I will find Syther again!!

I’m going to go to sleep now… I need to get up again in a few hours to head off to the anime convention for its second day… WHICH STARTS IN A FEW HOURS!! *flails*

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