23 March 2012 @ 02:30 am
It's gotten to that point in the semester where I'm both physically and mentally tired thinking "Damn all this to hell!" NG

Next month will be the month of hell since it's the end of the semester and EVERYTHING is freaking due around the same time period !!

This is more of a ranting entry, so please ignore this... )

After this hellish doom and torture that I'll be going through, I'll be free from this sadist relationship I have with McGill University (until the fall) and do other things, such as:

. Finish fansubbing the joint Arashi videos that [ profile] arashinorakuen has with [ profile] ao_no_michi
. Clean my room. Remember THIS? Yeah, it's about 100X worse now.
. Pack for the week I'll be down in Texas with [ profile] kaitousessha
. Catch up on all the dramas/tv series and mangas/manhwas 
. Read the novels that people gave me to read
. Subtitle additional videos for Victor
. Burn/transfer files on PC and HDD

Why aren't my ducks here yet?! I want to hear them quacking in our backyard!! Judging from the entries that I did from last year (01 02 03), they should be coming soon... Within the next week or so...
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29 February 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Damn you, Québec and your stupid Bill 101 *shakes fist*

There are pros and cons in living in this province in Québec.

For starters, one of the pros about living here:
. We have McGill University which is the number one university in Canada arrowup
. We have awesome festivals around here in Montréal, all year long arrowup
. I love eating poutine, bagels, and smoked meat arrowup
. You become magically bilingual living here arrowup

Then, there are all the cons about living here:
. Many of the games and other awesome things will be available throughout Canada EXCEPT Québec downarrow
. Many of the contests that we have here in Canada allow all the provinces to enter EXCEPT Québec downarrow
. It is mandatory that you know French here, otherwise it would be impossible to get a job downarrow
. Some of the websites I've seen will ship anywhere to Canada EXCEPT Québec downarrow
. The French language must BE TWICE AS LARGE than English and on top downarrow
. And the list keeps going on... I hate you, Bill 101. I really do heartbreak
. In other words, not in French? Not available in Québec heartbreak

Why the sudden anger about Québec and it`s stupidity? Because of this:

I had pre-ordered this game and it said that I would be getting the Pokémon Wii clings on EBGames, so when I went to pick it up, the person told me that they didn't receive any shipments of it !

So I went online and saw that Toys R Us had them as well and would be giving them away if you were to go in store to purchase the game... Then I saw the bottom right hand corner in that advertisement: NOT AVAILABLE IN QUÉBEC !!

ARGH~! WHY?! WHY?!! If anyone would be willing to pick me up the set, I swear I'll pay you back for them moneybag
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While every other fangirl who had pre-ordered their Arashi single of 「迷宮ラブソング」had theirs shipped out by November 2nd, 2011 exclamation1

I was anxiously waiting for Play-Asia to send me a notification that my single would be shipped out. However, that was not meant to be. As more days passed and I went to check the status of my order, it was always listed as "In progress" downarrow

After FIVE days of waiting with no notification from them, I contacted them inquiring why it was taking so long for the shipment to be sent since shipment of the pre-orders for the singles would have been sent out no later than November 2nd like many of the other online retailers such as YesAsia and CD Japan pencil

With that, I was promptly sent a reply e-mail from them:

What irritated me most of all was not that they didn't have the LE single any more, as there are only a certain amount allotted to each online retailer, but that they didn't contact me at all to inform me they didn't have any left in stock! It was only after I patiently waited FIVE days and AFTER I sent them an e-mail that they replied back with this blasphemy !!

They then inform me that the RE is still available and will be willing to give me a measly three dollar discount for my inconvenience NG

Thankfully, by a stroke of good fortune, YesAsia still had the LE for sale!! *cries happily* hearts

I will never stray from YesAsia and CD Japan every again since I've never had any problems or difficulties arise with them arrowup

Play-Asia, you have forever lost the trust of this client and will never need your services ever again prohibited
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I said that I would finish reading the entire series by the end of the month, and I did!!

Mind you this isn't the ending, but I was flailing during this scene when I read it <33

I saw the teaser for the live action drama of 桜蘭高校ホスト部 and I am not looking forward to it...


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19 June 2011 @ 07:06 am
The next time I go to a Anime North, I'm taking one of their pillows home from the anime convention!

I've been having restless sleep or have difficulty falling asleep since I came back from sleeping at the hotel with their amazingly soft foam and feathered pillows... ( ;´Д`)

Which was three weeks ago!! THREE!! (ーー;)

Despite me already having *counts* ten pillows, which ALL have a use, it's not cutting it out for me anymore...

Damn you hotels with your fluffy soft pillows of goodness!! (♯`∧´)

*is posting this at seven in the morning because I can't sleep*
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I have my last final exam on Thursday (28th) at two o'clock in the afternoon...

I'm getting agitated about doing the exam because I just want it done and over with already!!

I've had almost nine days to study for this exam, so it's annoying me that this isn't already over with!!

I'm currently listening to my lecture recordings for the class that I'll be having the exam for and it's on fast forward so that it sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks X3

Which is great since the recording that is ninety minutes long (an hour and a half) is finished in thirty minutes XD
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In order for me to go to school, I have to take the metro (underground subway). Usually when the metro is about to close the door to depart, it lets out three beeps to signal the doors are about to close. So when I heard it, I ran and got on the cart. Unfortunately, there were no seats for me, so I was standing while studying off of my iTouch (because I was reviewing the word documents and the powerpoint slides on it)

Eventually some people got off the metro and I was able to grab a seat. Now, there was an older man who initially sat in front of me, but decided to sit next to me. He wasn’t just sitting next to me, he was sitting so close to me that the sides of him were pressed up against me. I don’t mind if there are a lot of people in the cart and it’s rush hour, so there’s no choice for that. But it WASN’T rush hour and there weren’t THAT many people in the cart that he had to press up against me! I didn’t pay much attention to it as first because I was too busy studying for my final exam by reviewing the material off my iTouch.

This guy had his arms crossed so his elbow was touching my ribs and I felt he was moving my arm. I thought I was paranoid because I was sleep deprived and was studying my brains out for this final exam which was worth 75% of my grade, so I was really on edge. So I thought, maybe I was just imagining things, so I kept my arms down with more force. (Remember I was reading, so my arms were naturally close to me and protecting the twins since they were close to my sides)

But I felt resistance from his elbow, which meant that what he was doing was NOT an accident but that he wanted to use his elbow to brush up higher against me to feel my boob!! I mean, normally if someone did that and you politely pushed it down, the person would apologize and retract his elbow right? NOT THIS OLD PERVERTED BASTARD!!

At this point, I was acutely aware of my surroundings because I felt him trying to use his elbow to feel me up. He even slid his opposite (right) hand so that it would be closer to me! But I kept my arm down damnit! He quickly gave up with his hand, but his elbow wouldn’t give up!! THEY’RE MY TWINS!! MINE!!

Thankfully, this was only for a few stops before I had to get off. But had I been more mentally awake and not sleep deprived as well as on edge about my final exam, I’m pretty sure I would have stomped on that perverted bastard’s foot before I got off the metro and not only have given him a dirty look.

I hope that old perverted bastard trips somewhere and all his change and wallet falls out… Only to fall into a nearby sewer.

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18 April 2011 @ 01:36 am
"If you're between the ages of 18 and 24 and you want to scare the hell out of the people who run the country, do the unexpected, take 20 minutes out of your day and do what young people the world over are dying to do: Vote!" - Rick Mercer

I know many people between this age group don't vote due to two main reasons which are how politicians don't cater to the younger generations but to the older generations as well as saying how young people feel that individually their vote doesn't really make a difference.

But it's a vicious cycle if you think about it. The less young people turn out to vote, the less effort politicians will naturally make to cater to them. They cater to the older people because the 65 to 74 years old demographic tends to register the highest voter turnout of any age group. So politicians have said that they plan to create more pension plans for the elderly... Us students? TAX TUITION INCREASE!!

Also, maybe our votes as the younger generations do not mean much individually, but concerning how there are at least 3 million strong of us across the country, who are eligible to vote, we could make a tremendous difference if we went out en masse on election day!

I mean considering how practically ALL the Arashi fans have watched the HnA Mannequin Five SP and most probably voted in the most recent one (I know I did... TWICE!). Think how much of a difference us INTERNATIONAL fans made to the outcome of that SP!!

Individually, the votes don't make a difference, but once you pool all those votes together, it made a BIG difference. Think about it, if those 8 800 people didn't vote for Sho at all, he would have ended up with ZERO votes!!

As such, I think it's a privilege that we get to have the choice of whether or not we want to vote and the choice on who we want to vote for. Many people around the world are dying to vote... Literally... DYING to vote. So why shouldn't we vote as well?!

So to all those who are in Canada and at least the age of majority, GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUMS AND GO VOTE ON MAY SECOND!! If you can't make it to the election day voting, attend the pre-voting that's in the last few days in April!!

*Inserts "Troublemaker" here* ARE YOU READY?! ~ DO IT!! DO IT!! ~ SWEET! SWEET! ~

That's right, I'm using Arashi for references to urge us young whipper snappers to go vote and make the difference to see how this election will turn out!

With that off my chest, I shall continue henceforth to drown myself in textbooks to prepare for my last two remaining final exams...
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24 January 2011 @ 04:00 pm
To those who live in warmer climates and to those who have mild winters...

This day, and this day only, I envy you all greatly... Why? This is why...

I envy all those who live in Montreal that didn't have to leave their houses today...

This morning it was worse with it being -38 C/-36.4 F TT^TT

It's supposedly going to get better within the following few days... But tonight it will be just as bloody cold because of the stupid Arctic wind dropping the temperature even further...

The heating (oil and electric) companies are requesting that we lower our usage for today and tomorrow since they've reached a record high of usage in the province. They've also asked us to reduce hot water and non-essential lighting during peak hours between 6AM to 9AM and 4PM to 8PM... And I don't think anyone will... They're asking us to lower our usage WHEN IT'S FREEZING OUTSIDE!!
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06 December 2010 @ 07:08 pm

The snow!! It's not stopping at all~!

WHY?! WHY IS THERE SO MUCH SNOW?! And it's not the happy and falling gently to the ground snow... It's the one where the wind blows it all around and blinds you and hits you in the face!

Dad went in the house to bring the groceries in, and 45 minutes later... The van was completely COVERED in a thick layer of snow!! O____O;;

This is what it is for the short term...

And this is what it's supposed to be in the long term...

I have to go to McGill on Friday to hand in my essay, I also have an event to go to on Sunday as well as a final exam on the Monday... Friggin' snow... More than 20 cm of snow on Sunday and Monday combined...
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21 November 2010 @ 10:12 pm



Well, they didn't really die on me... But the nose pad (the thing that rests on the bridge of your nose) broke off...

Therefore they died on me since my vision is unbalanced...

Damnit... I don't wanna spend money for a new pair of glasses...

*sighs sadly* I'll see if I can make an appointment tomorrow...

On a random note, I'm almost finished writing all my Christmas cards~! I only have a few left to write and I still have more cards if someone still wants them hearts
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13 July 2010 @ 11:46 pm
I just found out today that [ profile] ll13jl sent me my AnAn magazine with Sho in his half naked splendor in the month of May...  My magazine...

That was about ten weeks ago from today... I had to sift through my LJ messages to find when I gave her my address...

And I still haven't received it... Nor has she had the package returned to her...

WE BOTH LIVE IN CANADA!! Why Post Canada?! WHY?! Mailing within Canada only takes THREE days!! THREE!!

I think Post Canada is keeping it for themselves and are flipping through the pages as I type this...

There will be hell to pay at the post office when I go there tomorrow...
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It is now currently 35 degrees Celsius, but it actually feels like 45 degrees Celsius taking into consideration of the humidity factor... And it's going to be an evil week throughout where I'll be melting... NEED TO HYDRATE!!

Apparently Environment Canada says that this is the norm for our summer (30+ degrees Celsius) and that the past two years were abnormal temperatures... I LIKE ABNORMAL TEMPERATURES!!

Why is there no "melting" mood on Livejournal?! WHY?! So I chose "hot", but it's got MatsuJun ripping off his shirt :3


約束!日本に行きますよ!二年後で... )


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22 March 2010 @ 02:01 am
< rant>
I'm angry, yet I'm sad at the same time. I'm angry that Johnny canceled the shows yet I'm sad at the loss of happiness that I get from watching them. Does anger and sadness occur and co-exist with each other? Or am I simply confusing them within myself? (Now I'm confused...)

Arashi no Shukudai-kun is ending! There will be no more stockings, chikubi T-shirts, or member-ai!! There will be no pinkness that Ogura-san will do to encourage the other Arashi members to think pinkish like him! There will be no more food segments where we laugh at the boys' fail... Stinky food, spicy food, sour food, food that's alive and moving... There will be no more cosplay segments where we wonder at Sho's maid outfit and wonder why he looks so amazing...

Utaban is ending too?! I thought it was just a rumor, but from what I've seen on the community, that's true too!! There will be no more NakaixOhno fights of love! There won't be any more Ishibashi and Ohno fall in love segments anymore... What about the watermelons?! Where will they go now?! What will they do now?!

Where will I be getting my crack now?! Arashi no Shukudai-kun and Utaban both ending is just too hard for me to bear with!! And from what I've read in the community, KAT-TUN and some other groups are having their show canceled as well?! Johnny what the hell are you doing taking away my crack?! Are you going senile you old fool?! Why would you cancel shows to the popular groups for?! What's going on in that head of yours?! They're in high demand right now and you take it away?! >_____<;;

Somebody buy all the stockholder shares for Johnny's Entertainment and usurp him from his position!! What that crazy old man is doing can't be right for the rest of us fangirls! I can't imagine the reaction to the people who actually live in Japan...


DAMN YOU JOHNNY!! GIVE ME BACK MY FAIL AND CRACK!! I KEEL JOO!! There better be something good for all this pain that you're making all of us go through!!
</ rant>

Yesterday, there was no snow and the sun was warm and shining... And now what happens? It's snowing... And it's cold... When I just took out my spring jacket to change into... You hear that?! WE GOT SNOW!! ARGH! Muffin head...

I got a new desktop! My other one literally died from the abuse that I gave it from downloading all my Arashi files of awesomeness fail! But it's okay since I backed everything on my Tigger! My Tigger's a 1.5TB hard drive that has all the subbed files of Arashi released <3 Windows 7 is really pretty but weird since I'm transitioning from Windows XP.

DON'T DIE FROM YOUR UPCOMING FINALS!! (TT____TT) I still have another midterm and a Japanese class test to do before my finals commence. And now I have nothing to watch to take away that build up of stress/anxiety that I'll have... My crack... GONE!!

Anyone else that'll be mourning with me over the loss of the crackful happiness of rainbows and sparkles? We should hold a memorial while we're at it and invite Ogura-san to it. Maybe he'll slap AnS to the point where it wakes up and regains consciousness... Or get Ohno to do an impersonation in order to bring back the dead!!
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11 November 2009 @ 11:51 pm
My midterms were hell... My classes are hell (thank gawd for lecture recordings! Otherwise I'd never sleep and would become either a mindless zombie or a cranky B17CH)... My finals will be hell... I am convinced that I am in hell...

ARGH! Fudge muffin head of bloody doomy dooom!! Life at McGill University is so bloody hard! (TT____TT)

McGill ranked first again as a university in the medical field... At least I know that IF I ever spontaneously collapse or cough up blood, McGill University will save me or the three nearby hospitals will. Yes, three hospitals all situated near McGill University. The only catch is that they are all situated high up on their own respective hills. This means that if you broke your leg, you're a goner. This means that if you have respiratory problems or physically unfit you're also a goner... X____x

My dad and I are convinced that the hospitals have deviously been placed like that to reduce the amount of patients that would be admitted to the hospitals. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! Only the worthy ones will be able to climb up to seek medical aid... Or you could just cheat and get someone to drive you or call an ambulance *imitates the ambulance sirens*

On another note: SESAME STREET THEMED GOOGLE HOMEPAGE?! O_____o;; What is the world coming too?! Google is being terrorized my Sesame Street characters!! It's an all out attack!! Quick! Hide all your cookies! Hide all the countable things away! Be careful when putting away your trash! Make sure that there's no one else in your room but you! But most importantly don't eat any big birds!! We must stay strong and stand united!! AND DON'T TICKLE ANYTHING RED!! >W<

Yes... I'm done stalling for school now... I still have my Japanese homework to finish, my damn term paper for social psychology, my statistics assignments and my chapters upon chapters of readings that I have to do for my various classes... (TT_____TT)

The only thoughts that are running through my head is, how the hell did Sho manage Keio University AND Arashi?! TEACH ME SHO!! TEACH ME!!
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